Three reasons why you need small business insurance

Three reasons why you need small business insurance - a foot about to step on a banana peelIf your small business operates on a tight budget you might be tempted to eliminate costs that you think aren’t necessary. Often small business owners choose to go without business insurance as a way of saving money. Yet doing this can be incredibly costly in the long run.

Business insurance is something that may seem like an unnecessary expense in the short term, but is worth the cost now in case something terrible happens in the future. It’s better to spend some money to avoid paying a lot of money later. This is especially true if there’s a chance you could face a lawsuit. Unfortunately, even the most diligent business owners could wind up dealing with clients who think they have been treated unfairly. Or customers who injure themselves while at your place of business.

Here are three reasons you need small business insurance.

You have clients visiting your business

If you have an office, store or other facility that clients visit, you need general liability insurance to protect you in case a client is injured while on your premises. No matter how well you maintain your location, there’s still a risk of someone slipping and falling, and injuring themselves. If that happens, you could face a lawsuit. Your general liability insurance will protect you in that case.

You have a building or equipment

If your business owns a building or has valuable equipment, you need protection against damage to either. Damage to your building or your equipment can affect your ability to maintain your income, and if you have to raise the money to replace your equipment you could be out of income for a long time.

A business owners’ policy will protect you in such circumstances so you don’t have to put out thousands of dollars to repair or replace your damaged equipment or building. Don’t assume your homeowner’s insurance will cover any work equipment you keep in your home. It often does not. Similarly personal automobile insurance won’t necessarily cover the theft of equipment you carry in your personal vehicle.

You offer professional services

No matter how good you are at your work, there is a chance you’ll come across a client who is not happy with the work you provide. Professional liability insurance protects you in case a client claims you provided negligent services.  Or claims you failed to uphold your end of a contract. If your business works with subcontractors, having professional liability insurance protects you in case a contractor makes an error or fails to perform.

Final thoughts

Too many small business owners learn too late how important business insurance is. They may realize their home insurance doesn’t cover their business, or their auto insurance doesn’t cover theft of work tools from their personal vehicle only when a claim is denied.

You’ve worked hard to build up your small business, you shouldn’t lose it due to a lack of insurance. Despite your best efforts, you can’t foresee what sort of liabilities you may face in the future. Your ability to cover them with insurance may mean the difference between keeping and losing your company. Understanding what insurance you need will go a long way to securing your peace of mind.