Little Computer People deal with the gamut of computer problems faced by Small to Medium businesses. When it comes to which accounting software package to use, talk to us at Astrolabe Accounting. But if the PC or network your business depends on stops working, that’s where Little Computer People come in.

They provide all layers of computer support, from remote, to onsite, to in-store. Just like Astrolabe Accounting, they’re right in the heart of Richmond. In general, the work they do is reactive rather than preventative. But why wait till there’s a problem? What’s the cost of computer downtime and data loss to your business? If you’ve gone through something like total data loss or just have data that is crucial to your business, they can tailor a solution to your priorities.  They can create redundancy and backup so that it never gets lost.

Little Computer People can usually come to you the same day you call, and their Hawkesbury techs are not just computer repair technicians. They’re effective communicators. They may know their IT, but they also speak your language (not just technobabble).

If you have a computer emergency, just give call them and book on 1300 885 218. Their website is If you really just need to have a chat and quote, call or send them an email at Depending on the size of your setup, they can either just sort it out over the phone or if it’s one of the bigger jobs they’ll pop out and then organise a more formal written estimate.