What we believe in

At Astrolabe we believe in doing things right. We make sure that all your taxable income is declared and all legal tax deductions are claimed. We will amend a tax return as many times as is necessary to ensure it is right.

We believe in keeping things simple and straightforward. We make sure that you understand what you are reading and signing and why. We prefer plain English to accounting jargon!

We believe in acting in our clients’ best interests. We are not interested in setting you up with a complicated and expensive structure unless it is really to your advantage. Even then we make sure that you fully understand and are comfortable with the recommended course of action.

We believe in maximising your after-tax income. There is no point in paying less tax if the cost to you is greater than the tax saved! You can rely on us to advise you wisely.

We believe in keeping up to date with developments. The government is constantly changing the rules, for income tax, GST and business. The ATO issues new rulings and determinations. Court judgements set new precedents. We invest a lot of time and effort, not only in keeping ourselves informed about the changes, but in notifying our clients too.