Gregory Beattie

Accountant, Tax Agent

Gregory Beattie started Astrolabe Accountancy in 2005 and has been working in Richmond as a tax agent and accountant since 2000.  Astrolabe Accountancy prepares income tax returns for individuals and businesses in Richmond and the Hawkesbury area, as well as BAS statements and the whole range of tax forms.

We enjoy our work and especially helping the owners of small businesses. Small businesses are the foundation of the Australian economy, but they face a daunting array of regulatory requirements. We help business owners concentrate on their core business activities by taking away the headache of paperwork and compliance as far as possible.

Business managers need information in a form that they can use, and they need it soon. The financial statements I prepare are provided in a straightforward, easy-to-understand format and are customised to meet your needs. We provide management accounts quarterly and monthly if you need them.

We work with you to prepare a business plan, budgets and cash flow forecasts.  These are invaluable to the business manager, and are very helpful when applying for bank finance.